Yang Tertulis Di Luh Mahfuz… #YTDLM #StandbyTissue #Event Click on the link to participate: http://bit.ly/2qd66zQ



Standby Tissue is back again! This time, a heart to heart session discussing on accepting what was already written for us by Allah

An unexpected loss of our loved ones, a friendship that went wrong, a jodoh that was never meant to be, the plan that didn’t go our way and the death that awaits us.


We are reaching out to all sisters to come and join us for this event to be the pillars that will help those sisters who come with a heart that needs to be heal.

Whether you are the one who needs a little healing, or those who wants to be the one who helps them heals, you are welcome to join us on Sunday 21May17!

An Usrah that is specially made for Muslimah. We hope to see you soon!

Tickets available here.



Dear Mummies and Daddies,

Are you and your partner expecting a baby? Ever wondered if it is possible to have a “pain-free” childbirth and a wonderful postpartum journey?
Come and join our panel of experts in this seminar as you and your partner learn more on pregnancy and the secret in having a wonderful postpartum period. We will share with you the tips on how to prepare on the journey of pregnancy and parenthood.

This talk will address key issues such as:
-Spiritual aspects of gentle birthing
-Natural comfort measures during labour
-The husband’s role during labour
-Breastfeeding basics
-Caring for the mother and baby during the postpartum period.

Tickets are $97 for couples and $58 per person.

Come join us in our 3hr Workshop.

Hope to see you soon



Agaknya bahang memartabatkan nasyid terasa hingga di Spura tak? Insya Allah saudara Munif Hijjaz akn bersama Masjid Arrabitah as beneficiary di expo 18 may mlm nanti.

Tempat terhad utk peserta, sila hubungi ust Ibrahim Hashim di talian 94515986,
utk penyertaan dan perincian.

Bagi yg ingin menyertai pertandingan nasyid ini. tarikh tutup 10 mei.
pertandingan ini akan berlangsung di expo pada 18 mei pada jam 6pm hingga 7pm.