HATIKU is a show on REYHU TV ASIA where we bring you some of the selected LIVE FOOTAGE from the Penyaksian Cinta theater. Catch Madeehul Mustafa, Alkhidmah, Muhibbur Rasul, Ashraf Hasni, Iswandi Mansur & other Munsyeed from Singapore performed in this most anticipating event of the year.

You can get the exclusive Penyaksian Cinta DVD here: http://bit.ly/2iCUaTT


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We are located on the island of Singapore. A small little group of creative people with big dreams.

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Our contents are a blend of neo-contemporary and millennials modern concepts. We try to inject the Islamic values into all of our media to make it easier for the millennials to absorb the contents. Our mission is to develop into an innovative and progressive media network which not only developed the people but also to be able to contribute back to the community.

3. We are less than 6 months old

Still fresh and new. With a lot to offer.

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REYHU TV ASIA can be watch on http://www.reyhu.com and also social media such as FACEBOOK, YOUTUBE, VIMEO & INSTAGRAM. Simply find Reyhu TV Asia on those platforms and let’s get connected.

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We are looking forward to collaborating with talents who need a  platform to showcase their innovative ideas. Talk to us and let us know about your work, ideas, talents or anything that can benefit our audience at large.