Our Story

Who are we?

We are a group of creative people from Singapore who worked voluntarily to create REYHU as a neo-contemporary media channel which injects the harmonic Islamic values in all of our media contents, especially for our audience here in Singapore and Southeast Asia.

Why do we create REYHU?

The media had been the most influential medium in this technology era. There are contents which destroy the development of morality and subsequently create unhealthy trends among the followers. Hence, we believe that we need to create a media channel which promotes not only personal growth on the inside and out but also a “healthy” entertainment values for the future generation to be able to benefit from.

Why do we need your support?

To be able to operate a Media channel or network without any investors or partners in Singapore is very challenging. An extensive amount of time and dedication are needed to come up with remarkable media contents for our audience. But we believe that we need a media network which provides neo-contemporary contents with an injection of Islamic values for the Millennials and future generations to come.

We need your help to develop REYHU to the next level.


How can you help us?

Below are the sustainability initiatives that we are working on to develop in very near future:

  1. Co-Create a Program on REYHU & REYHUVOD
  2. Sponsoring A Program on REYHU
  3. Subscribe to our VIDEO-ON-DEMAND platform
  4. Support Our Crowdfunding Initiatives
  5. Monthly Contribution
  6. Give generously

For more enquiries please email it to : reyhutvasia@gmail.com

We are looking forward to being better.