We build up walls that are as high as the skyscraper so that no one can ever climb over it.

We build up walls that are made out of steel so that no one can break it easily.
Why do we keep rebuilding our walls? Why are we making our walls higher and stronger?

What are we protecting ourselves from?

We are pieces from shattered promises, we are the remains of a dream that never came true. We are the people who are being betrayed by our loved ones.

To trust is to believe someone is good for you. To trust is to rely on a person. To trust is to believe every word they say. To trust is like closing our eyes and jumping out off from the window and you know that someone will catch you.

I trust you. Three words that are often taken advantage of.

We put trust on a creation that doesn’t even know how to take care of their own heart. We put trust on something that cannot even change our fate. We thought by trusting them, they would grant us peace and happiness. We put trust on something that we are uncertain of.  And most human beings betray our trust simply because we put too many hopes on them rather than putting trust in Allah. If we believe Allah is behind all of the things that happen to us, we will thank Allah for rerouting our lives, we will thank Allah for the broken promises because only HE can see what our future will be like.

We will live by what Allah has written for us in the Luh Mahfuz, we will believe that his Qada’ and Qadar is the only thing we can trust in this end of times. To have trust in Allah, is to always believe in yourself that you can go through life by leaving it in the hands of Allah. With the decision you make, the people you give trust to, the fate and future that will happen, if you have Allah as the best companion in your heart and TRUST HIM in everything, you will attract honest people who will lead you to a better life. Betrayals, broken promises are only a way of Allah saying to you that humans are weak, why do you not ask HIM before trusting anyone.

We forgot that we were supposed to wake up in the middle of the night to talk to Allah, to have a discussion with Allah about the route we are taking. We forgot to ask HIS “opinions” through our Tahajjud and Istikharah. Aren’t those supposed to be our guidance in choosing or deciding?

Let us practice asking our creator. HE knows every of our secrets, our hidden flaws, our doas, So won’t you trust HIM to let HIM tell you whom to trust?



Through out 10 years of trying to find myself. Try to find the purpose of what I actually do best. I had found million ways that doesn’t work and I am still hitting the wall every now and then. You can ask the people who knew me. My families, my friends, my affiliates. They will tell you how screwed up I was when working on ways that does not really work.

But one thing about me is that, I am stubborn. Giving up was never in my dictionary.

It took me 6 months to master IMOVIE to edit a video to help a friend. 6 months of my life! So I am not talented after all like they said. I just never give up. And from the result of that hustle, eventually I’ve upgraded my skills to edit a good quality video using Premiere Pro instead of IMOVIE.

You may asked, how long does it took me to learn Premiere Pro maybe when it took 6 months to learn the simple IMOVIE. The answer is 3 full days.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not about talent. It is just that when I learnt about video editing with IMOVIE, I had pushed myself so hard, hitting the wall so many times till I didn’t understand the language of giving up. I dedicate my life to learn and edit. And its not easy to go through those 6 months of learning with no prior video editing experience. I was a musician who trying to edit a video and I swear there is no musical scales that I can use to help me with this.

I was broken when I was learning how to edit a video back then, so much so that I am used to fail and try again and fail and try again.

Take reyhu for an example.

When I started reyhu. It was a lonely 4 years of my life. I failed badly the first 3 years of entrepreneurship. I was living on credit, broke most of the time. I rarely shop for new clothes. I rarely eat outside, I have very little time to have fun or go out with my friends. And my family was worry about me because I was not here or there. I was broken pretty bad finding ways to make it work. I had sleepless night, my brain was thinking about ways to solve the challenges i’m facing even when I’m asleep. I was truly devastated. I felt that I was facing this battle all alone.

I almost want to give up, because it starts to affect on my health.

But slowly I realise that, I keep repeating to do the same thing that doesn’t work and expecting a different outcome.

It may be straight forward you can say, but you can’t notice you are making that mistake when you are all over it. Until you hit rock bottom then you see it broke into pieces. So I decided to change the way we work on reyhu.

And I noticed, there are improvement on the way we do things on reyhu. It will take time, but we are working on a new road.

My advise to you and myself:

“ It takes time to create. Never stop learning and develop ourselves. Ignore those people who don’t want to help us to grow and better ourselves. Work with other people temporarily if life is hard while we are trying to work for ourselves. Don’t feel embarrassed to say that: “I am trying to work on some ideas but currently I’m working at Coffee Bean” that kinda thing you know. Do something that can benefit the people. Be true to what you believe in.”

Jvan Meim

In the olden times, it is very common to hear parents tell their children to do something because “I told you so” or “This is correct because I say so.”

Whenever a younger person try to correct an elder, they will be deemed as rude and disrespectful. Many parents adopt a “holier-than-thou” approach and their ego gets in the way when being told on a better way to do things or if their error was being highlighted. This is against the teachings of Islam which encourages us to question and not to follow blindly.

Allah says in the Holy Quran:

Surah Al-Kahf: 50

“And (remember) when We said to the angels: ‘Prostrate yourselves unto Adam.’ So they prostrated themselves except ‘Iblis’ (Satan). He was one of the jinn; he disobeyed the command of his Lord” (Quran, Surah Al-Kahf: 50).

Surah Al-Baqarah: 34

“….And they prostrated except Iblis (Satan), he refused and was proud and was one of the disbelievers (disobedient to Allah)” (Quran, Surah Al-Baqarah: 34).

Satan’s arrogance – reinforced by his false logic, and jealousy – prevented him from obeying Allah’s command.

As Allah tells us in the Quran, Satan said,

Surah-Al-Aaraf: 12
“I am better than him (Adam), You created me from fire, and him You created from clay” (Quran, Surah Al-Aaraf: 12)

Life is a constant learning process for all of us, young and old and it is only right for us to admit our mistakes where deemed fit and necessary. It will make the children respect us even more and thus mirror our actions. The best way to teach our children good values is to practice them ourselves.

Throughout Islamic history and in Islamic literature, the rights and responsibilities pertaining to children are clear cut. Parents, families, and communities have certain responsibilities towards children. Many of them are obligatory, and on the Day of Judgement, God will question adults about the treatment of their children. A child is a blessing, and not a possession.

We must therefore empower children to do and say the right things. There are ways for children to gently nudge an adult towards doing better good, without the need to be disrespectful. Adults should never feel challenged just because a younger person highlights our mistake.

There was one morning when I woke up to do Fajr’ prayers and my 4-year-old daughter came into my room, happily telling me that the angels have woken her up to do her morning prayers. I usually do not have the heart to wake her up for Fajr’ as she is still so young although she has consistently reminded me to so and so one day, I told her to make duaa before she sleep and Allah will arrange for angels to wake her up.

After Fajr’ prayers, I was feeling a little sleepy and wanted to go back to sleep but my daughter reminded me not to go back to sleep until after sunrise. She said that ‘Malaikat Mikael’ wants to give us ‘rezeki’ and it is sunnah for us to make supplications or read the Quran after Fajr’. She was basically repeating my words to her right back at me. That was when I realised the weightage of my words on my children and that I should always ‘walk the talk’. I apologised to her and thank her for reminding me.

There were other times that I shared with her that I am not perfect for I am only human. Only Allah is perfect but that does not mean I can use that as a convenient excuse to do wrong. I requested for her to remind me if Syaitan’s whispers get to me and I start losing my temper with my children because Syaitan loves to influence us humans to do bad. I am thankful that Allah has gifted me with such a responsible and thoughtful child. My child is my SUPERHERO!

CCLL 3’s theme this year will be “I AM A SUPERHERO”. Let’s build a generation of SUPERHEROES who are good Muslims together. Insya’allah!

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Time: 1 to 6pm
Venue: Mujahidin Mosque Auditorium Level 4 (beside MDIS)

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Warmest regards,
Shasha Ya’kob

“And we have created man in the best form.” Surah At-Tin:4

This is for the ones who lost themselves. For anyone who thinks they’re not good enough. We’ve all been through that.

Often, we let bad negative vibes gets to us. We let them consume us. We let others define us. We let society shapes us. Often as well do we let others have their way with us. We blame ourselves for not being good enough. We hate everything about ourselves that we forgot that Allah has created us in the best of form. He even mentioned it in Surah At-Tin, 4th ayah. We are perfectly created by Him. That is enough reassurance, isn’t it? But no, we’re humans who always wants more than what we’re given.

Years back, I was almost too lost. Almost in the most pitiful state I could ever be. I let myself be swayed by the world and its temptation. I was doing all the wrong things – clubbing every other weekend, chilling at the bar almost too often, wearing revealing clothes. I knew back then my actions were wrong yet I was ignorant of it. I was guilty yet I put that feeling at the back of my mind. It was the only way I could thought of to fill in the voids in my heart. Even then, I was still not happy. It was as if there were something missing. I want to look for it but I didn’t know what is it. Growing up, even though I learn the fundamentals of my religion and its teaching, I rarely practice them. I knew Allah exists yet I wasn’t too sure if he ever listens to me. Yet, at that time, my heart spoke out of sadness to Him.

“O Allah, I know you’re there and I believe that you know what is in my heart. Is this your way of calling me home? Calling me to you? If it is, give me a sign or show me a way to you and ease my affairs for me”

For a week, while I was at work or outside, the people who walked passed me were women donning the hijab. As a free hair, I felt guilty but I was in love with every sight. It was like a tug in my heart and I knew right away that I want to start donning it and I did. My colleagues weren’t very happy with my decision but I didn’t care. I haven’t felt anywhere near content before wearing this. So, I stood by my decision. Around the same time, I start to recite the Quran. It had been too long since I last read. I stumbled on my recitation but my heart was at ease. Reading the Quran wasn’t enough. My heart wanted something more.

Until I started to pray. At 3am in the morning. My first prayer after many years. I remembered clearly the feeling that enveloped me that morning. It was one of serene. Almost as if Allah Himself was embracing me. My knees almost went weak. There were too many emotions going on but I was sure of one thing and that was, I’m home.

“Wa’idza sa’alaka i’badi a’nni fa’inni qoribun ujibu da’watad dai idza da’an”
And when My servants ask you concerning Me, then surely, I am very near; I answer the prayer of the supplicant when he calls on Me. – Al-Baqarah:186

Allah heard me. I knew right then that I won’t turn back. This is where I want to be. This is what I want to feel. This contentment that nothing and no one in this world could provide. I started to try being steadfast and consistent. It was the hardest battle between me and my nafs over the years since then. I failed too many times to the world’s temptation but caught myself before I could go down any further.

In my own battle, Allah sets hurdle in my life. The kind I wish He could take away the second He gave to me. I know I was going to fail yet I steadied my heart and set my foot my His journey. Despite the many times I fail, the tug at my heart is what keeps me trying to keep on getting back up.

In my own battle, I learn to let go of so many things that does not benefit me. At the same time losing a lot of things and people along the way. People I thought were friends and those I thought would be with me till the end. Allah put them out of my life and me out of their life but He gives me better friends who constantly pulls me towards the good. Friends who advice and really took their time and went out of their way for me just as I would do them. Allah is fair.

In my own battle, I learn to love myself and be forgiving. I learn to forgive and forget. I learn to accept the qada’ and qadr of Allah. I was taught to be more mindful of my speech and action and I become more responsible of myself. I learn to respect myself which makes me change the way I dress. I learn to put barriers between me and the people around me so that I don’t fall into the place I was once from. Most of all I learn to accept my flaws and flaws of the people around me.

So, hold on to the rope of Allah. For He never disappoint you. Steadfastness is a battle between you and your nafs. It is not easy but it is worth it. Trust that Allah has created you in the best form, therefore love yourself and let go of the negativity that people put on you. You are not obligated to shoulder the negativity they throw at you. Believe that Allah is Most Merciful and Most Forgiving. Allah is Al Afuww. He is Ar Rahman and Ar Rahim.
Know that He is Al Wadud. The Most Loving. The one who loves you the most and He will pick you up. You have to believe that IF you reach out to Him, He will reach out to you. That every afflictions and difficulties Allah gives you is His way of calling you closer to Him because He miss you. He loves you and wants to give you goodness.

And above all, I wish you would find the love you deserve in you and your Creator because that is the greatest form of Love. This goes out to the ones who lost themselves. For anyone who thinks they’re not good enough. We’ve all been through that. You just have to believe and hold onto your faith.

Nur Atikah 
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There comes a time in your life that you will get hurt by someone you truly love. You flawed in your own ways. You made a mistake.

But despite these mistakes, you were apologetic about it and you said sorry. You said it with all your heart and you mean it. But some people just push you aside.

We live day by day trying our best to please everyone we love.

We even change for them. We want to make them happy in every way.

And then without realizing it, we make a mistake.

We couldn’t help ourselves because we are human beings and that is what we are supposed to do.

We are created to make mistakes, and then to learn from all the mistakes so that we can become a better person.

Be it family, friends or even the community around us, there are 99 good things that we did great, and they thought we are going to score ourselves a hundred till that 1 thing that could make us perfect, and suddenly, boom! We disappoint them. We tried our best to explain that we are not good enough because at times,this brain of ours do silly things to our nerves and it leads to stupid actions. They ignored your excuses. They cannot accept your apology because you were supposed to be significant. You were supposed to be different. You were supposed to be perfect for them.

We’ve all been through that stage of giving up in pleasing everyone.

All we want to do is just shut down and close our eyes, ears, hide in a corner of a wall and just cry. We are not good enough and we couldn’t accept the fact that we are not perfect. We keep blaming ourselves, and we believe that we are wrong in every way. We do not know the solution to this imperfection that we have. We want to let go of all these people but we love them. Our hearts feel for them. We have created too many memories that are too precious for us to just shake it off. We will miss everything about them. We try to understand their situation and even create imaginary excuses in our mind to fix our heart, To tell our heart that it is all our fault. We started believing that we are not good enough.

If only we could delete the memories, the feelings in our heart, wouldn’t that be great?

We are creations that will constantly fail to succeed, we will fall and bleed but if we give up long time ago because of our failures, we won’t be here right now.

Life is indeed a struggle. But the question is, who are you struggling for? Of all the things that we have done, is it for a being, or for Allah? Why does everything we do, we are always reminded to start with Bismillahirrahmanirrahim? In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

 Because Allah wants to keep reminding us that HE is forgiving, HE keeps giving us mercy even though we have sinned many times and didn’t do taubah.

 Allah have shown His Mercy by not hitting us with a lightning bolt while we are sinning.

HE is Most Forgiving and if every time, we do something, and it is not for him, HE envies.

Allah creates our existence in this Dunya, not to please other makhluk, but to just please HIM.

And when HE gives us that feeling of sadness and disappointment in people, HE wants us to go back to HIM and set our niat to be perfect for HIM.

We tend to forget to Tajdid our niyyah because if we set a niyyah to do something for Allah, to please HIM in every way, we will be surrounded with people who will be forgiving and accepting of who we are. We will feel the attributes of Allah through this people

We are not good enough for everyone because everyone has different expectations of us. We are not good enough and it’s okay. We will learn to better in life,to be a better Muslim.

This time not for anyone, but only for Allah.


Our hearts are meant to be broken. Not because of the sins of our past but because Allah wants to shower his attention and mercy to us. At times, we thought that sadness only brings us misery, but we lose our focus of what is written in Dunya, is a destiny, a beautifully written taqdir. We blame everyone including ourselves for the things that falls upon us. We didn’t let go of a few things in our lives because it hurts badly. And it felt like our hearts were being ripped apart. We hold on to grudges like a ticking bomb that was waiting to explode. Why is it that we always hate those who hurt us when we ourselves aren’t angels? Aren’t they human like us too? Are we being hated too, for certain things that we do to someone? Why are we hating the sinner more than the sins?

Anger is only a letter away from Danger. The hatred, the anger, the disappointment that you are feeling right now, is a test of emotions from Allah. Allah gave it to you because He wants to know how you deal with it. When you hold your temper, when you learn how to Sabr, Allah will hold His punishments for your sins. Your forgiveness towards everyone will be rewarded by Allah forgiving you for all the sins that you have done. This big sacrifice will teach you that struggling will improve you, ,that pain will only be temporary, and it will heal only if you let it heal. Surrender your heart not because you are weak, surrender your heart because you love Allah. Let the Creator heal you through the little stitches of nikmah,barakah and mercy. HE heals like no other, HE heals by making you cry through solat,in a way He coax you by hugging your heart through His words in the Quraan. For every Surah there is a purpose of healing the heart,and HE will lead you to it. Ever wonder why do u have a certain connection towards a certain Surah? That is only because THE TURNER OF HEARTS wants to reach out to you.

We have all those feelings only because there is a hidden hikmah and only Allah knows it, put trust in Allah, give HIM your heart and make doa. Ask for a better umbrella when it rains ,ask for a better tool to help you go through this life, a friend ,a companion that constantly remind you of Allah greatness and mercy. Let our surroundings, be filled with people who will push us towards paradise, towards Jannah. To heal is to istiqomah in our duty as a servant to Allah and let Allah do the rest. Find closure within ourselves, cry if you must, but no matter what,surrender your heart to Allah.




The Challenges of Being A Young Single Mother.

It wasn’t easy. Motherhood wasn’t easy. But it isn’t always difficult either. Let me take you in the journey of my single parenthood.

When a woman talks about being a single parent, many would assume and react negatively to the statement. Regardless her reason for being a single mum, she is strong to have the will to care and raise her children single-handedly. If being a mother and having a husband to help you is difficult, imagine carrying both roles at the same time and multiply twice the chores between just you and yourself.

As a young mother, I am always rushing. Everyday was hectic in the early stages of “mothering” . Everyday i rode an emotional ride. Everyday was a challenge yet I wouldn’t take it any other way.

1. Time Alone is an illusion.

In the first year of being a single mum, I was learning the rope of raising my daughter, NBF. My aunt use to say , raising children is a like lesson. A lesson for your patience. And I agree with her over and over and over again. I can’t say the many times I wanted to quit. The crying . The whining. The late nights! Who even have an idea what those cries even means! The many time I broke down because I just couldn’t take it. All I wanted was time alone. But it wasn’t something that I could easily get. My mother was still working at the time so I was mostly home alone with NBF. Even when I wanted some time for myself after my mum got home from work, how could I when she was also tired and still have to cook on top of that. I kept it to myself. Repeating thousands of times in my head. I can do it ! Alhamdulillah , it does. All I knew , two years went by like a breeze.

2. Fighting for Time.

On the third year, I decided that I have to start working again. NBF will have to start kindergarten in the following year. Therefore I will be needing money for education and expenses. This year was the most challenging for me. My first thought was, YES! WORK MEANS MORE TIME FOR MYSELF WHILE ON THE ROAD! NO BABY! NO CRIES! NO WHINING JUST ME! Any mothers would agree with me. The moment you stepped out of your house, all that selfish thought shortlived. Everything in your head goes around your child at home.

“Will she be okay without me?”

“Has she eaten?”

“Did she cry a lot?”

All these questions kept on poppin up in your head one by one and all at once. You feel longing to be with your child. You want them near you almost forgetting that you yearn for your time alone. Constantly calling home, checking on your junior not because you’re an overprotective mother but because you ARE a MOTHER. I worked under medical line at this time. I was mostly out from 11 am to 10 pmand on odd days, I have my offs. I remember dropping NBF at my grandparents house for a while until my mum got off work and fetch her home.

Fourth year, NBF starts schooling. And that was when the real struggles begins. Because she was on the morning session, I have to wake up at 530 in the morning, got our my clothes and her uniform ready and the wake her up at 630. Every morning was a rush. With NBF refusing to wake up, her whining and then taking time to pick her shoes and wear her hijab the way she wants it and our mandatory stops to CHEERS for her banana milk. Send her to school, makes my way to my grandparents’ to drop NBF’s stuffs , have breakfast then rush to work.

3. Keep Holding On.

Fifth year, this year. I got a job change. Still in the medical line but my shifts is from 330 pm to 12 am. I reached home at 1am everyday. Got myself around three hours of sleep and then send NBF to school , attend my classes and then fetch her at 12 and send her to my grandparent since my mother is no longer working, things got easier for me. I am tired most of the time from the lack of sleep but this is one of the many sacrifices that I do not regret or have it any other way.

Mummies, daddies. Especially those rowing the same boats as me. Don’t give up. Better days are ahead. Yes, carrying both roles is tiring. Having to be as gentle as a mother and stern as a father. Playing good cop and bad cop all on your own. Place your trust in Allah. He will ease your burden for you. Especially young mums and dad, if you are still holding onto your old ways, I ask of you to slowly change for the better. Because your children is a mirror image of you. How you are is what they will turn up to be. My mum adviced me before, ” Buruk perangai kita, buruk perangai anak kita sebab dia cerminan diri kita.” Teach them the basics of Islam. Teach them how to read the iqra’. If you’re incapable to do so, get someone qualified to teach them. Teach them the values of our beautiful religion and we learn as well and try to change for our own good.

Young mummies, yes as a woman, it is hard for your and your future but know that eventhough it is sunnah to get married, Allah mention for us to put our trust of HIM and rely only HIM. In Shaa Allah, what is coming is better than what is gone. Keep on persevering. Keep on being the best woman for your child to example . Keep on putting your heart, trust and reliance solely on The Creator, I promise you, you will only taste the sweetness from all your struggles.

Hoping to spread peace and loves all around,

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