Through out 10 years of trying to find myself. Try to find the purpose of what I actually do best. I had found million ways that doesn’t work and I am still hitting the wall every now and then. You can ask the people who knew me. My families, my friends, my affiliates. They will tell you how screwed up I was when working on ways that does not really work.

But one thing about me is that, I am stubborn. Giving up was never in my dictionary.

It took me 6 months to master IMOVIE to edit a video to help a friend. 6 months of my life! So I am not talented after all like they said. I just never give up. And from the result of that hustle, eventually I’ve upgraded my skills to edit a good quality video using Premiere Pro instead of IMOVIE.

You may asked, how long does it took me to learn Premiere Pro maybe when it took 6 months to learn the simple IMOVIE. The answer is 3 full days.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not about talent. It is just that when I learnt about video editing with IMOVIE, I had pushed myself so hard, hitting the wall so many times till I didn’t understand the language of giving up. I dedicate my life to learn and edit. And its not easy to go through those 6 months of learning with no prior video editing experience. I was a musician who trying to edit a video and I swear there is no musical scales that I can use to help me with this.

I was broken when I was learning how to edit a video back then, so much so that I am used to fail and try again and fail and try again.

Take reyhu for an example.

When I started reyhu. It was a lonely 4 years of my life. I failed badly the first 3 years of entrepreneurship. I was living on credit, broke most of the time. I rarely shop for new clothes. I rarely eat outside, I have very little time to have fun or go out with my friends. And my family was worry about me because I was not here or there. I was broken pretty bad finding ways to make it work. I had sleepless night, my brain was thinking about ways to solve the challenges i’m facing even when I’m asleep. I was truly devastated. I felt that I was facing this battle all alone.

I almost want to give up, because it starts to affect on my health.

But slowly I realise that, I keep repeating to do the same thing that doesn’t work and expecting a different outcome.

It may be straight forward you can say, but you can’t notice you are making that mistake when you are all over it. Until you hit rock bottom then you see it broke into pieces. So I decided to change the way we work on reyhu.

And I noticed, there are improvement on the way we do things on reyhu. It will take time, but we are working on a new road.

My advise to you and myself:

“ It takes time to create. Never stop learning and develop ourselves. Ignore those people who don’t want to help us to grow and better ourselves. Work with other people temporarily if life is hard while we are trying to work for ourselves. Don’t feel embarrassed to say that: “I am trying to work on some ideas but currently I’m working at Coffee Bean” that kinda thing you know. Do something that can benefit the people. Be true to what you believe in.”

Jvan Meim