We build up walls that are as high as the skyscraper so that no one can ever climb over it.

We build up walls that are made out of steel so that no one can break it easily.
Why do we keep rebuilding our walls? Why are we making our walls higher and stronger?

What are we protecting ourselves from?

We are pieces from shattered promises, we are the remains of a dream that never came true. We are the people who are being betrayed by our loved ones.

To trust is to believe someone is good for you. To trust is to rely on a person. To trust is to believe every word they say. To trust is like closing our eyes and jumping out off from the window and you know that someone will catch you.

I trust you. Three words that are often taken advantage of.

We put trust on a creation that doesn’t even know how to take care of their own heart. We put trust on something that cannot even change our fate. We thought by trusting them, they would grant us peace and happiness. We put trust on something that we are uncertain of.  And most human beings betray our trust simply because we put too many hopes on them rather than putting trust in Allah. If we believe Allah is behind all of the things that happen to us, we will thank Allah for rerouting our lives, we will thank Allah for the broken promises because only HE can see what our future will be like.

We will live by what Allah has written for us in the Luh Mahfuz, we will believe that his Qada’ and Qadar is the only thing we can trust in this end of times. To have trust in Allah, is to always believe in yourself that you can go through life by leaving it in the hands of Allah. With the decision you make, the people you give trust to, the fate and future that will happen, if you have Allah as the best companion in your heart and TRUST HIM in everything, you will attract honest people who will lead you to a better life. Betrayals, broken promises are only a way of Allah saying to you that humans are weak, why do you not ask HIM before trusting anyone.

We forgot that we were supposed to wake up in the middle of the night to talk to Allah, to have a discussion with Allah about the route we are taking. We forgot to ask HIS “opinions” through our Tahajjud and Istikharah. Aren’t those supposed to be our guidance in choosing or deciding?

Let us practice asking our creator. HE knows every of our secrets, our hidden flaws, our doas, So won’t you trust HIM to let HIM tell you whom to trust?



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